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Selecting the Right Size & Type of Gaff Head

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Eyre Peninsula, SA
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To select the right gape of gaff hook to be used on your targeted fish
first estimate the distance between the back or top of the targeted fish
and its lateral line then halve it.

IE - If the estimated depth of the fish's lateral line is 8 inches then halve it to give you the
correct gaff head size to use for that fish, a 4 inch gaped gaff.

*The length of a fixed gaff should be determined by location or operating conditions
*Top Shot flyer systems are 8ft or less in total when assembled ready for use
(IGFA Regulations state that Fixed and/or Flyer systems should not be any longer than 8 ft).

Never use a Fixed Gaff on a shark of any Size or Type!
*Only use Flyers!*