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Southern Exposure

When it comes to big kings and samson fish, South Australia
probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. But as
Alistair McGlashan discovered on a recent expedition, it's
home to some true monsters of the deep.

The massive floodlights of the Calypso Star illuminated the
black ocean around us. Attracted by the light, hordes of
yakkas danced about on the surface like a swarm of bees.
Occasionally, a big arrow squid would charge into their midst
sending the bait scattering, while down deep on the edge of
the light, large and unidentifiable shadows moved menacingly

It was a surreal, almost eerie scene that seemed more fitting
in a ghost movie than a fishing adventure. However, what
made it truly unbelievable was that we were targeting kingfish
- yellowtail to the rest of the world - in the dead of night. It
was 5.00am and bitterly cold when suddenly one of the
Tiagras on the starboard side burst to life, its ratchet
shattering the stillness of night. Geoff, who had persisted all
night, was on it in a flash and quickly set the hooks on what
was obviously a solid fish.

The fish powered out to sea before abruptly changing direction
and heading back into the bay past our anchored boat.
Seeing as this didn't work, the fish then changed tactics and
sulked down deep. It took a good 10 minutes before, to my
great surprise, a massive kingfish materialised in the
floodlights and reluctantly came to the boat. Our guide Steve
Morris, technical director behind the innovative Top Shot
Tackle Company, made short work of the fish with the gaff
and hoisted almost two metres of kingfish onto the deck.
Pulling the scales down to 31kg (nearly 70lb) it was a true
monster, and easily the biggest king I had ever laid eyes on.
What an unbelievable welcome to South Australia!

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